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Getting Back Into It!

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Hi All,

I may know some of the longer standing members as I joined the club many years ago when I was lucky enough to stumble across and buy a Broadspeed Turbo - KNO 1N

Just recently I have got back in touch with the club and re-joined having lost contact a few years ago.

I have had the car for nearly 20 years now and never got much further than weeks of welding and fabrication of the many rotten parts on the car, to be honest if it wasn't a genuine Turbo it should be scrapped! So having had a few house moves and just coming to the end of my latest restoration I am looking for my next project and the Manta should fit the bill.

Unfortunately the car was stripped when I purchased it all those years ago so I am probably going to need help and assistance with what goes where, when I finally restart work on the car in the next few months.

Any help guidance and assistance from club members would be very welcome, as I remember what friendly bunch you are!

Now living in Marlow Bucks, although the car is still in hiding in darkest Essex until I get my garage sorted out but giving it's in the dry it's not getting any worse.

All the Best

Richard Webb

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Good luck with the restoration,it will be well worth doing as it's a Turbo. There are still parts out there ,i got some inner wing repair panels from Holland for my A project, there are lot's of parts on German ebay if you have deep pockets. :thumbup

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Many Thanks for all the messages and offers of help and support.

I knew that the friendly attitude and camaraderie that I used to find in the Opel world would still be alive and well!

All the best to you


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