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Rwd C20Ne Conversion


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Hi, just building up my engine at the moments that's going to be going into my chevette.

The engine is a C20NE, out of a cavalier (around 1994 model I think).

I've just come to fit the timing belt but the teeth profile on the crank pulley is different to the camshaft pulley, I'm using a manta 1.8 pulley so I can drive the distributor off it.

Is it just a case of cutting the dizzy drive pulley off the manta cam pulley and bolting it all together using the original C20NE pulley?

Thanks. Rob

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not too sure on this one, do know Vauxhall/Opel used two different tooth profiles for thier belts.

You might be able to remove the small pully from the Manta cam pully but would you be able to attach it to the other pully without it moving and upsetting the timing.

Could you use a differnt bottom pully that has the right tooth profile?

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[Could you use a differnt bottom pully that has the right tooth profile

That's the trick, something off of an 89 MKIII cav should be about right, as my SEH was from this year and I used the Manta 1.8 stepped cam sprocket with no bother.

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