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Electric Radiator Fan


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When I was running an electric one I got it from a MK3 cavalier,think it was a 2 litre but I should think the 1.8 would be the same. The couling being plastic can be cut to suit the Manta radiator. It was easy to do, obviously you'll need to rig up a relay and switch.

The likes of Demon Tweeks do them, have had experience of these as well,easy to fit but it'll set you back £100 or so.....you'll probably get more satisfaction from finding the right thing at the scrappies and doing the job for about £20.



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To echo the above, I have run a 2ltr 16v Primera fan and recently used a TDi Peugeot fan, both were fitted ahead of the radiator so no clearance issues with the water pump. Mine were also fitted via dash mounted switch, hardly ever needed unless in traffic or on track.

cheers, Colin.

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