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My 1983 Berlinetta Auto


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this is my 1983 manta berlinetta auto and ive had it in storeage for 10 years but used it before that and put a few thousand trouble free miles on it, this car is totally original and although not on everyones wish list is becoming a very rare manta, 15 left on the road in the UK, it drives faultlessly but is starting to get a few scabs here and there although its never been welded which is rare for any car of this age, the stereo is original and would greave me to change it although the playback is very outdated in this day and age :rolleyes: im going to recommision it back on the road in the future as a weekend car and enjoy what mantering was all about :thumbup















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Nice Manta, as you say few auto's left, though to be fair the auto box restricted the performance of the Manta so you can understand why they are not popular to preserve or have been converted to manual gearbox,that said if your not into driving on the ragged edge then an auto Manta is a good car.

incidently the carlton 4 speed autobox is susposed to be the same size and bell housing pattern, but might have a different output flange for the propshaft and different speedo drive, but i doubt it would be beyond the wit of most Manta tinkerers to fit this gearbox, i would then give a Manta auto the top gear it is missing.

On the subject of your radio, there are companies that can convert your radio, they can change the internals to receive FM and add an imput lead that allows you to have an MP3/ipod etc in your glovebox, this means you keep the originality of car yet are able to take addvantage of modern broadcast and playback media.

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