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Hello From Sunny South Africa


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Hello everyone,

I'm from South Africa, not a manta owner yet, but a huge opel fan in general.. I have three opel kadetts, all T-car shapes, in various states of completion..


Firstly there's my beloved "Audett" as i call her, first car i've ever owned and still own, she's a 1.4 carb fed machine that started her life out as a 1992 Opel Kadett "cub".


1985 GLS:

1.6 big block carb motor, 150% original, F16 box, beige brown interior, even got the reg number sandblasted on every window on the car..



And then there's the new addition, the 1.8 2-door GSi.. it's in a crap condition but the price i bought it for reflects that.. bought as a non runner, i got it running in about 20minutes, obviously needs massive amounts of money to get it back to glory, so i'm still weighing the options: scrap and strip or restore..


The reason i joined is because i'm considering expanding my collection in the classical direction, and i'm on the lookout for a Manta A.. I'd love to get some pointers from the experienced guys on what to watch out for when buying an old manta, where the usual areas of rust and and general faults i might find.. And ultimately share my love story as I rebuild her into something awesome!

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Wellcome, have a good look through the forum and you will find loads of advice on buying and restoring the Manta A.

You may find it worth while taking out a web membership which will give you full access to the members areas.

The main areas for rust on the Manta A in the UK are:

Front valance

Behind head lights (inner wings)

Swan necks

Jacking points and surounding floor.

Bottom of A post


Inside rear of sills

Rear wheel arches

Rear lower corner

Spare wheel well.

If you take a look at this thread, it show most of the areas. Take a good look through Projects and you will sone start to see the common areas.

Good luck with your surch for Manta and please keep us up todate with your progress.

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Thanks for the response guys..

Yeah i'm hoping to find a great body for a good price, i'll probably have to search inland where the cars rust less, because the coast isn't kind to the older cars..

hopefully i'll have something to show soon..

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