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Sunroof Refurbishment


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Hi, my sunroof has at least one problem and having looked about the forum I can't find an answer.

When closed the rear edge of the sunroof panel is below the level of theroof panel, it is worse on the passenger side. My questions are, how does the sunroof mechanism close this gap, so what might be the cause? Also how do you change the sunroof seal? I have sourced a seal but would prefer to only strip the panel out once and do a full refurb.

Any info would be appreciated,

Cheers, Bob.

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Hi ,Bob, took my sunroof out a couple of years ago,just to check and give roof channel,s a good coat of waxoyl. very easy to take out release tension on sunroof trim it then just drops down, think there was 2 small screws either side undo and roof comes out took about 30 mins to do

good luck


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Don't know the name of the bits but when you push the handle up flush to the sunroof when you close it tightens a rod up i think which pulls a link (pivot) either side which raises the back of the sunroof.

The mechanism either stretches over time or the link corrodes and breaks.

If you take the sunroof out you will be able to see the mechanism and see how it works but thinking about it if you get the lining off or to one side you can see the mechanism to see if it pushing the sunroof up at the back when closing the sunroof.

I was lucky to have a spare sunroof and change the whole runner bits.

Hopefully this makes sense but im sure someone will be along soon with more technical knowledge.

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Or if I remember correctly (and I usually do) it works like this:

The sunroof panel has four "things" screwed to it. One about at each corner.

These things have plastic feet and fit into the runners.

I seem to remember they are held to the sliding roof by a couple of screws each

These things are a couple inches long and "springy" but not spring steel hence the sag.

Moving the handle rotates "cams" that push on the "things" half way along their length which multiplies the movement like a lever and raises and lowers the roof.

You will find they are a little more complex that just a piece of flat steel with a couple of curves in and can be bent a little to retension / set the height.

With handle plastic surround removed (1 screw) carefully and roof slid back a couple of inches you pull down / unhook the springs drop the front of the panel headlining. Take carefull note of the positions of the "cams" in in / on the "things" because it is possible to reassemble with them on the wrong side. Take phone pics or something.

No warranty of any kind implied or given.

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