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Removing C20Xe Sump


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I have an opel manta b with a c20xe engine, can anyone tell me is it possible to remove the sump so I can replace the gasket without removing the engine from the car. Can this be done by lifting the engine of its mounts or dropping the sub frame?? Has anyone done this job before that would have any information??

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Hi :) ,

Not done it myself but . .

I`d prob undo the 2x engine mounts and lift slowly to see what space you have ,

Obv undo water hose`s , exhaust , poss prop , ect ect ,

I remember when i put my C2OXE in my hatch , the engine was sitting squint -- as they do!

I had the forklift on her lifting her off the mounts to get her to sit straight , U can get enough space to shim it with washers but clearance for sump removal - im not sure?

all of this and to only to find out i was wasting my time :lol:

But you learn as you go !!

i`d say that`s prob the easier of the two but . . (if u can get enough space)

You could also drop the whole front subframe , ie have to support the engine ect

The bolts willl prob be soild if they not been off before , (bolts can be stuck in side the bushes)

I`m sure others on here will give their views shortly ,

Good luck with it ,


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