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Carb Trouble


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Can anyone help me? My cavs been down on power lately, on checking the carb i found the gasket knackerd and when I removed to replace i found the secondary(larger) barrel valve siezed closed, manged to free off the flap and refit carb but still down on power, does anyone know a basic setup and function for these varajet carbs as Im not to sure on them myself,



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im not 100% sure but i think the secondary is vacuume operated , you might have an air leak stopping it from working .split pipe/diaphragm maybe ?

or see if the electric choke still comes off .

my old varajet2 had a badly worn throttle spindle making an air leak and tuning was impossible . i always had big hesitation opening secondary .... a loosing battle.

like lots of others on here i gave it up for a weber 32/36 dgv manual choke and never looked back , it made a massive difference for the better .

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