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Cih 2.4 , 2Ltr Or 2.2 Engine


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You could try these guys: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/mjm4x4breakershull

They had a 2.4 for sale a while ago on ebay, at a good price but wouldn't sell it to me without the injection, they seem to break a lot of vauxhall stuff. Might be worth a message to see what they have in or coming in.

Hope it helps.

If you do get a 2.4 this site is good for engine part numbers.



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Hi, not sure if you are interested but I have been considering selling my manta complete but may consider letting the engine set up go. I'm tempted to go v8.I built it a couple of years ago and mot'd it but I hardly used it and its been sat now for over a year through lack of funds to retax, insure and MOT it.

Basically its a circa 80k mile 2.4 completely stripped and rebuilt using all new parts and bearings. Overbored +5, new pistons, rings. Head was fully stripped by engineers and the valves and seats recut to 3 angles, all new parts, Brand new OP234 kent cam kit, adjustable vernier, new GM tappets, oil pump and sensors. 2.4 starter, New old stock 2.2 Carlton Distributor. Gently ported out the head and exhaust manifold(which was brand new old stock from Paul Newport in Penzance). I'd be surprised if its done 600 miles since the build. Last year I fitted a new bosch idle control valve which cost me over £130!

Gearbox was low mileage 2.2 Carlton stripped and inspected. Flywheel is 2.2 Carlton, lightened with 3mm taken off but the engine engineers, brand new 9 inch clutch.

Injection system is all 2.2 Carlton and using Paul Newports special modified 2.4 fuel rail and injectors. I run it on a full Jetex system.

After careful running in I opened her up and she goes extremely well, even better once rolling roaded! In fact I had trouble with tramping. It cost me a LOT to buy and build.

Theres photos of the build and a fair few receipts around somewhere. I'd be looking around £900 for the engine, injection and gearbox. I was thinking of letting the whole car go with new 2.2 calipers fitted, vented slotted brakes and 2.2 master sylinder, 17" wheels and exhaust for £2700. The car is a 77 B SR rust free 45k coupe bodywith Engelmann blue tinted mirrors. Currently out of tax and mot as its just been sat in my drive :(

PM me if interested and I can get some photos sorted out maybe a short video but its all up and running, just dirty and wiring untidy where its been sat, just needs cam setting up properly (rather than by my experimentation).

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