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Hi Lads N Lasses New Member With A Mystery Car ?


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Hello and greetings fellow owners etc etc

I have a 1974 Manta which I am planning to Modify or Restore depending on what you fella's say

I know most of you guys will be restorers with a few 'modders' so I know I will get a mixed response and thats fine with me.

Anyhoo onto the car, I have a Manta 1.9 SR but on the tax documents its listed as a Manta Rallye so can anyone tell me which its is ?

I know the Rallye's were rarer and may not modify her if this is the case but I know the original owners son referred to her as a Manta Rallye aswell so here's the reg if any of you guys can help it would be gratefully appreciated

VHN 334M

Many Thanks in advance

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Hello and welcome.

Nice to have another A series on here.

I think with the A you will find it a bit of restore and keep it standard and a few upgrades to make it a bit better to drive :-)

Not sure on the models, but im sure someone else on here will be able to help.


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The SR was originally sold as the Rallye, and a lot of dealers carried on calling it the Rallye afterwards. As far as I remember the Rallye name was dropped after about a year of production, so I would guess being M registered your car is an SR unless it was stood around a long time before being sold.

Having said that, original spec Manta As of any model are rare in the UK these days but it's your car so it's up to you whether to modify or not.

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Cheers for the input, I have already purchased a few panels ( all N.O.S proppa GM panels ) but after seeing a TE2800 at full chat I started feelin' mischievious. Now if you add that to the fact that my daily driver Audi S4 has a very compact 4.2 V8 that would fit in the manta with loads of room left the evil me started to plot.

344bhp with room for a supercharger perhaps :huh:

The alternative would be old skool tuning with a custom tubular manifold and some juicy webbers/head work ( does blydenstein still live ? )

The car is already dropped on almost as new roc springs and kyb shocks but still feels a little 'lofty' so I may try something a little firmer.

I have to lose the four speed box though so has anyone got a five speed lyin' about anywhere ?

And while I'm on any rear arches lurkin anywhere before I get cosy with Dr Manta ( not a cheap date from the looks of it ), :angry: I paid less for new genuine panels than he charges for pattern parts ?

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