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Manta 1800 Hatch

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This car has been on Ebay for what seems like forever, most recently last week at £1500 or near offer. If anyone missed it and is kicking themselves, it is now being offered on here at £1795.



Previous Ebay auctions:



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Well went and had a look at this manta today,on behalf of a mate who was interested in coming back into the manta fold.

we went,we saw,he liked a deal for £1350 was made and i drove it home happy days!

so now at least im not the one and only manta owner in the south east of essex. well thats how it seems lol as i dont see any others . will post up some pics when i can.

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Myself being reasonably well versed in manta ownership,would say yes it is good for what my mate paid and to be honest if he hadnt have bought it i most prob would have done as a second manta /everyday manta as in my view the 1.8 makes a great everyday car.

the condition hasnt got to much worse than the 2010 pics show ,the rear arches do need attention in the near future as do the sills. it certainly shows it has been cared for in its life and has been owned by club members, its now once again in capable manta loving hands.

only thing thats bugging me at the mo is a persistant missfire on cyl 4 . perhaps thats a topic i can discuss in the right section ( as im banging my head trying to sort it) also i need to source an original phillips radio to put back in the dash. that radio thats still fitted is bugging me as it dont look right. its just to modern and you dont have a clue what radio station is on as its intended to be used with a display.

i cant decide what colour itis either id say monaco blue but dunno any clues anybody ?

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hi gt/e paul..just to throw my opinion in here regarding the misfire..if its number 4 and a new plug doesnt sort it or if a new plug does sort it then it comes back !!!try renewing the servo pipe!!

or even check the servo for leaks! i had a 1.8 a while back with same thing no4 misfire..the servo pipe looked ok but it was split under the braided material! i urge you to change it with good rubber alternative just to eliminate it! on mine i could change plug and it would be ok for a short while then start missing again! after changing the servo hose it cured it for good... cheers and good look steve

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hi,steve any many thanks for that info. i def had not thought of that at all. its been doing my head in as i checked the usual stuff. like plugs leads,dizzy cap even checked the dizzy. also the compressions all were good. my next plan was to change inlet manifold gasket as ive had a missfire before on a mk3 cavalier and a new gasket sorted it.

that makes perfect sense what you saying as ,the servo pipe goes into the manifold at number four branch i think (i havent got car here) which if leaking would make perfectly clear no you say it. also when i drove it home it would get say up to 2500 rpm and sort of clear . well i was able to do 70-80 mph no probs and she pulled well.

but i couldnt help but think maybe servo not working as when you have to brake it feels really solid,like a non servo car and i had to stand on the brakes now and then just to stop.

i shall give it a try many thanks wil let you know how it goes :mellow:

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Thanks fellas yes def going to give it a go.most prob wont get a chance now until weekend but if i get five i will take a look im curious now. yes most definately staying original 1800 ,also not many of these gt mantas around now. and ive no interest in changing engine ,using sump and box for something else lol . after all when this does get to run on four pots it will sound a peach as only done 50,800 miles and id say its gen as the pattern is still on gearstick and steering wheel . cheers paul

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well It seems i owe you a great deal of thanks mantapaperman,as your suggestion worked!

i first removed to pipe to manifold and blanked it off .started the engine and it ran as sweet as a nut. which made me a very happy boy indeed.

just for now ive used some heater hose but have ordered some proper servo hose from that well know auction site.

also now the brakes dont work and dont seem knackered as i first though ,so all in all was a good half hours work and made my day !

i know strictly this not right section for tech stuff but just thought id round up as id previously discussed it here . cheers

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