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Opel Mantas In Northern Ireland.


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Hi, I run the ABINGDON COLLECTION in Northern Ireland which is a small motoring and militaria museum in Omagh raising money for Cancer Research. We have a very good Manta GTE Exclusive on display but have had little contact with Manta owners for some time.

Can anyone in Northern Ireland tell me if there is any activity with the club over here.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Check out www.theabingdoncollection.com


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Hello Philip.

Nice collection and good cause you have going there. Personally I am not involved in the running of any Opel clubs here in Northern Ireland but there does seem to be plenty of Manta owners over here.

Own a road going Manta 400 myself but it needs a wee tidy up - hopefully over the next 3 years. You could also visit a site called totalopel.com which is an Irish based Opel site.

Cheers Brian

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I've 2 Manta's (GT/E hatch and i200 replica), and 3 Asconas.

As Brian said there are a right few over here, most things are organised through texts/phonecalls though rather than through a club, in the North at least!

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Good luck with it. If you know of a good 400R for sale give me a call at the collection. We get more interest from the MANTA GTE

than any other of the cars on display....... Must be an age thing.

Thanks, Philip



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