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New Manta (1973) Owner


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Good afternoon,

I'm a new owner of a Manta. It's been in storage for 15 years, everything appears dry, no rot in the arches/sills, etc.

There is a large rat's nest in the engine bay though!

It's getting dropped off tomorrow - I can't wait!

I'll post some pics this weekend.

Alas, there are no keys.

Can I ask a possibly dimwitted question - do mk1 Mantas have steering locks?


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Welcome to the club.

Nice to have another A series being saved :-)

The steering lock as a sheer off bolt that you can remove and then take the lock out to get a key made. If you get stuck I can take a picture of the lock as have new one waiting to go on mine.

Also shout if you get stuck with anything else on the A I know where to get most bits for an A now :-)

A few parts links on my blog www.theopelproject.com that might help you out.


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It's that orangey-red sort of colour, although that's under years worth of dust and crud.

Yep, I'll take a few good pics this weekend.

Going back to what was mentioned about the steering lock shear-off bolt - surely these bolts are unable to be loosened, only tightened or they'll just shear off the contact points?

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