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V8 Manta A Project


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<p>Hi All</p>

<p>IM in desparate help for anybody who has done a V8 conversion on the Manta A</p>

<p>Specifically the 3500 Rover V8.</p>

<p>My email adress is ispro@webmail.co.za</p>

<p>I've got a few questions.&nbsp;</p>





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I think the best person for advice is Paul. Im not sure he is still a member of the club as he sold his V8 earlier this year. But there is this site he setup.


Im not sure if the contact details are current or if anyone know if he is still in the club? or if he had a build thread in the project section?


Hope this helps.



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 I met Paul at the Retro Gathering at Panta Sod (!) Don't know if he's still in the Manta Club but he was there with the V8 Register which evolved out of the Manta V8 Register, members of that club would have information that could help you.


  found this website, looks like they do the conversion your thinking of - http://www.v8forum.co.uk/forum/index.php?sid=da6b6bd799bdd3abdc00beba71b956e7


 Also look in the projects section on this thread - http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/35425-opel-manta-a-series-hot-rod-beast/

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Im sure Paul must have posted some stuff on the build as he did it all himself. Quite a bit to modify on the suspension on the A series as the roll bar goes round the back and gets in the way. he also upgraded the from cross member to body mounting to take B series poly bushes and i know he posted that.

I drove the car when he popped down to see me one day and it was quick :-)



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