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Early 'b' Sill Trims


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Hi guys, bloody hell its been a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time since i've been on here, hope you and your cars are all well. Anyhow, was cleaning out the garage the weekend and tucked at the back were 2 (i'll say chrome) sill trims for my old 1979 manta.One is perfect with no damage, the other has a couple of slight bends in it from being stored/moved about, god knows how long they've been in there. They will need a bloody good clean/polish to bring them up to scratch. Any one need/want these at all, open to offers guys. I'm in Birmingham by the way if that helps. 


   cheers guys.Paul.


ps, email me at my works addy - its always on; pansell@fpsdistribution.co.uk


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Hi James, great to hear from you bud, had a look around still a few on here i know. Still got the bug then matey, what do you have now then James. Do really wish i'd kept the old SR, especially now with the new people/friends/contacts, car would have been finished and mint! Still, very happy with my latest project, Peugeot 306, 2.0 16V Rallye in white, 6 speed, only 200 built in white, fantastic to drive and quite quick to. Speak soon bud. (email me on the above addy if you'd rather mate)




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