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L-Jetronic Fuel Pump Assembly


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So i took my manta off the road 5 years ago when something in-line of the fuel pump sprang a leak and began spraying fuel all over the rear axle, and only now am i in a position to get it back on the road.


My problem is that there doesnt seem to be much info on the fuel pump assembly.


Haynes is not very clear on this part.


Can anyone label the various components on it for me?


I think the pump is OK


Im guessing the (very rusty) offending part is either a pre pump filter or a dampner/Pressure equalizer?


Are these parts available? if so can someone point me in the right direction? maybe someone has a complete assembly ready refurbished? Or if it is a filter, can more or less any filter be subsituted?


Luckily the rest of the car is 98 percent rust free :P which isnt bad considering its an f reg exclusive gte coupe :P


Really would appreciate some kinda diagram or photo labelling the parts of the assembly.


Thanks in advance,

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Don't have a picture to hand but the 4 components are pretty easy to identify


From the tank the first one inline is the Pre-filter its a plastic L shaped cylinder that takes out any large bits of debris to save the pump, easy to identify as it has 2 of12mm outlets same as tank

Then its the fuel pump, fuel goes in the 12mm pipe end and comes out the 8mm end

Next is the bit that will have sprung a leak, its a Fuel damper. Looks a bit like the fuel pressure regulator on the inlet manifold but has an adjuster nut on it.

Then the last one is the fuel filter itself.


Pre filters are available on e-bay from germany http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271644573796 not sure if they are still available from vauxhall but might be.

I normally place the fuel damper in the bin as the system runs fine without it.

Fuel filters are available from any motor factor or even Halfords last time i checked

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Thanks for the rapid response both of you. yes its the damper thats the problem. Mantaguru are you saying that it IS NEEDED then? any idea what problems are caused by running it without?


Are these dampers actually available? or anyone got any tidy used ones, or an alternative from another model?

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