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C20Xe 86 Manta Gte Hatchback £2600 Ono


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My pride and joy Opel Manta GTE 

The idea of the car was to increase the performance whilst keeping a nice toy rally car character


20141030_142107_zpsb744b4f5.jpgThe car has been fully restored from the ground up to the hight of the windows and is very solid as you can see in the picture and videos there are few paint imperfections. It has a brand new m.o.t , any bushes that need replaced were done so a few years ago still feels stiff and solid odd poly bush in there too... lowered very slightly this thing drives fantastic !

C20XE rebuilt 10,000 miles ago
running R1 carbs and h&h ignition solutions distributor
4 branch manifold heat wrapped+full new exhaust system fitted in last 500 miles ( half a year ago)
Omex rev limiter with launch control ( never really used just a bonus feature)
set up by bogg bros produced 170bhp

red piped Recaros , sports gte 3 spoke wheel
its all there some of the rear is a little grubby but would clean up great.There is the odd paint flakes worst being in the corner of the window isn't getting any worse since the cars a dry day car but could do with attention other then that just the odd stone chip here and there 

car will be sold on original wheels which are in great condition with legal tyres

£2600 ono 
Location Carlisle Cumbria, contact me on 07446138470

video of the car inside and out taken this week same as all the pictures


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