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Not Really New But..


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Hi there,


I'm Patrick and as said in the topic I'm not really new here. Although I'm more a reader than a talker I've been around here in the past.

Recently I revitalized my expired OMOC subscription (sorry guys) so I've been away for quit a while.

First of all sorry for my poor English since it is not my native language, I live in the Netherlands and I'm a member of the Opel Manta Club Nederland for some years now.

At this moment I've got two projects:

- Keeping my Manta A (1972) on the road, waiting to get a place in my "only-space-for-one-Manta-garage" as a major restoration project.

- Rebuilding my Manta B (1977) Hintermeijer Cabrio Conversion.

The  Cabrio is almost fully stripped. The axels are still on. At the moment I'm installing the 5-gear bodypart into the car so there will be a factory-look-a-like hole inside the car on the correct position to fit a 5-speed gearbox.


In the event I have some nice pictures or good stories to share I will make sure they are in this forum as well.


In the future I'm planning to visit Billing like I did a long time ago with my first Manta.


Greetings from the Netherlands,



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Hello Patrick, welcome to the forum. Your Cabrio/convertible sounds interesting, look forward to seeing some photos. I used to go to the Opel show in Westelbeers near Eindhoven in my Turbo Manta, made some friends and was impressed with the Dutch cars I saw there....how is the spares situation there? we have have the usual issues with body panel supplies.....any better there? ....Pete

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I will upload some pictures of the Cabrio as it was and what the status of the project is now. I think I should start a topic in "projects"  for this ;-)


Body panels is the same here. Sometimes you'll find people who have " new"  ones but they ask prices as if they are made of carbon. Best change is to get used panels. I don't see problems in that supply yet although sometimes you have to search a bit longer for specific parts.


On the internet I see more and more companies offering reproduction parts. Not panels but other stuff you want renewed when you fix your car.


If you plan to come to the Netherlands this year, OMCN plans for a 40 Year Opel Manta Event.

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