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2.0E Oil Pump


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If its a CIH you can spin the oil pump up by removing the dizzy and turning the pump with a rod with one end slotted like a screwdriver and the other end fitted to an electric drill. Then you can spin it and look out at the top end to see the oil coming out, make sure its symmetrical . It is better if you have an oil pressure gauge to check the pressure while spinning the pump. The pump gears are also checked by measuring the gap between the gears as specified in the manual. I have a spare set of gears in good cond if your interested.

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You check it by checking rotor clearance to each other and case with feeler gauges.

Typically 2.0 E IIRC don't use a gasket on the rotor cover. If you do pressure goes through the floor. If you don't and and you should you shear dizzy drive pin

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