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Cant do links

not too hard, first have a page open on this website you want to post the link on AND open another page that is the e-bay (or other) page you want to link to.

in the tool bar just above where you are typing there is B I u just to the right of this is a symbol that is two chain links horizontal, this is the link symbol that you click upon.

When you click upon this it open a seperate smaller window where you place the link details, you obtain these from the other page (e-bay window) that you have open.

Going to the other (e-bay) page and hover the cursor over the page address, the bit at the top that starts https:// and left click, this will highlight the page address in blue, then right click and a 'drop down' will appear (list of options) click upon copy, now your computer has been told to remember this address.

back to the page you want to put the link into, this will still have the smaller window open, hover the cursor over the URL space, right click and another drop down will appear, click upon paste, at this point in the text area below you can add words like 'gearbox - click here' or just leave it blank and the address you have copied will appear in your post.

All that is left to do is click on 'insert in post'

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