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1978 Berlinetta Inner Door Trim Plastic/Chrome Trim?


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I'm looking for the (4) inner door plastic / chrome trims which fit around the inner door handles and door locks.

I've tried trims from later Manta's but they wont fit due to the veneer trim on my Berlinetta, i.e. its appears that the

Berlinetta trims are 'deeper' to allow for the depth of the veneer.

Anybody got some trims to spare?


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Ok, I''l go first :D

It's a very flimsy/shallow piece of plastic tbh. Only chrome trims from Mantas / Cavaliers with the wood veneer trim will suit (standard trims are 'deeper').

Pick of one of mine (door handle trim) ....the paint / chrome has worn away many years ago..

Apologies for poor quality pic


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