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gas tank fuel line fitting question


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I have a gas tank for carburetor car with 8mm fuel line outlet fitting

i was wondering if i could change the fitting to 12mm outlet for fuel injection or do i have to get a fuel injection fuel tank

does anybody know the thread size in the carburetor tank the fitting screws into

the tank is in really good shape so id like to keep it and its already modified with return line


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The outlet for the pump is on the fuel sender flange, injection and carb have different fittings for that plate to the tank. One is removed with crossed screwdrivers and the other uses m6 ( poss m5 ) bolts to tank.

We have recently used a fuel pump on the mancona to suit the XE engine and used a carb tank, plumbing in a return as you have, the outlet is 8mm and we reduced the inlet to the pump to suit. We haven't run the car in anger yet so we don't know if fuel starvation will be a problem but it looks ok.

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