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Cold start problem on 2.0 GSi


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I have just replaced my thermostat housing assembly due to white metal corrosion with a good condition second hand unit. I had to reuse the temperature sensors, however the car is now almost impossible to start, although it will start after copious cranking and will not idle. When warm the car runs fine. 

I have checked the thermo switch, which is mounted vertically, and it reads 75 ohms when cold, presumably the resistance of the coil. The horizontally mounted temperature sensor however reads 0.5 M ohms, basically open circuit, so I have ordered a new one online via eBay. My initial thoughts were this was the cause, however have subsequently discovered the cold start injector is controlled by the thermo switch, which I think is OK.  I have another cold start injector and have swapped that with no improvement.

Does anyone have any experience of this issue? Incidentally the car is a 1988 GSi coupe, and I have pumped out all the old fuel, as the car was last on the road in September last year.






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Consulted the Haynes manual and I had indeed swapped the temperature transmitter plug with the auxiliary air start plug. The car would then start however would flood within two minutes. Fitted a new temperature transmitter (referred to temperature sensor II in the Haynes manual), at the cost of £9.50, and now running well. MOT booked for Friday so fingers crossed. 

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passed the MOT with no advisories.

The cold start Thermo timer switch bizarrely failed yesterday, and I was back to cold start issues! That's the vertically mounted sensor on the thermostat housing. I hve therefore overridden the system and ran a supply direct to the cold start injector, through the speedo cable grommet, and up to the cigarette lighter socket. If cold start is required, a few seconds plugged in, then a crank works a treat. The sensors are difficult to come by plus they sometimes fail stuck on, so this manual method is fine by me! Car starts instantly and runs perfectly.

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