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Fuel reg.


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Hi all, looking for a bit of help please.

Got a manta a with an 86 carlton 2.2 cih l jetronic set up. Got it in kit form so not sure about all of the parts being compatible. I fit a bosch fuel pump . I'm getting some pinking and even if I retard the timing its still there I think ,or runs bad, I also seem to be over fueling or running rich.

My question is, on my old cav Sri I had another component near the pump ( think it was a fuel reg) will I need one on this or will the one on the fuel rail sort it? 


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Make sure you have the correct temp sender on the thermostat. I ran a 2.4 with 2.2 injection and I had the same problem until I put a new 2.2 temp sender in. It was massively overfueling because the sender was wrong.

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