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Opel Commodore Coupe 2.5GS (GS/E spec)


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Stunning Opel Commodore 2.5 GS (upgraded to GS/E specification)

Introduced in 1972 the Opel Commodore ‘B’ was a replacement for the the now ageing Commodore ‘A’ which was build from 1967-72. The Commodore B was offered in two body types, the 4 door saloon and the sportier more rakishly designed 2 door Coupe, the later also seeing competition with Opels tuning company Steinmetz building the monstrous V8 powered Commodore Jumbo 6000 and by privateers in the European Touring Car Championships.

This stunning Opel Commodore was supplied new by Ferrybank Motors, Wexford, to Mr D Dalun in August 1973 as a 2.5 GS, 4 speed manual, finished in Signal Yellow with Black Vinyl roof (Factory Sunroof fitted) with black velour interior. Ferrybank Motors continued to look after the car servicing her at 600, 2996, 7971, 12858, 24000, 31164, 39124, 40432 and 47646miles ( all stamped in original Opel Service Book from 08/73-05/88 ). Sometime after this it is believed she was then imported into the UK.

In 2008 the Chairman of the UK Opel GT Owners Club purchased the car to add to his collection of classic Opels. Knowing that she would need some restoration the car sat dormant for 2-3yrs in which time a large collection of spare / rebuild parts were acquired.

Despite being structurally sound (Bulkhead, jacking points, chassis rails, inner-wings were all in excellent condition) the Commodore underwent a complete strip-down and a 400hr rebuild took place, with the car being meticulously restored. During the restoration it was decided that the car would be tastefully modified to GS/E specification and a set of original Ronal Alloys (refurbished and with new tyres), a genuine GS/E front spoiler, exhaust system were sourced and the Commodore received the fuel-injected cylinder head and Getrag 5 Speed gearbox conversion from a 45k mile Opel Senator. 

Once finished, retaining her Signal Yellow paint, the car was MOT’d in 2012 at 51615miles, only to return to her garage again.

With a further 2 Opel GT’s now having been added to the collection, and taking up the remaining storage, the time has come to regretfully let the Commodore go and she will be offered for sale with a substantial spares package to include:

Original GS wheels - refurbished
Original GS Cylinder Head and Carbs
Front Wings - used
Wheel beauty rings & Centres
Other Misc items.

With a believed genuine 51649 miles and now with a full 12months MOT this super rare Commodore GS (GS/E) Coupe is a stunning example of this rare Classic Coupe. 

The bodywork is in excellent condition, the underside has never been plated, wheel-arches, front wings, inner wings / bulkhead are immaculate and she will ‘WOW’ people at any classic gathering.

Her interior is in great condition, the vinyl roof is all original, door cards, seats are all very good and the carpet is excellent save one small area behind the drivers seat. All interior electrics work as they should.

Mechanically the engine is sweet, she fires easily and out on the open road is a real pleasure to drive. As a Grand Tourer this Commodore could put many a modern car to shame, she cruises happily at 70mph, remains nice and quiet and the 2.5litre straight six has nice growl. The brakes remain positive and with her tasteful GS/E upgrades she has purposeful stance!

As a super cool classic coupe this Opel Commodore is as about as rare as it gets and is an absolute gem!

She's located near Newark / Lincoln, asking £10995, please feel free to ask any questions or to arrange a viewing. 










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Stunning car. Could be very tempted! A friend of mine used to own the green GSE that's now up in Scotland (RHC 420S). I drove it a fair few times. These are wonderful cars and extremely cool. Good Commodores of any spec are very hard to find now unfortunately. 

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According to the 'how many left' site there are only 10 Commodores remaining in the uk, with that covering all models 67-82, so they're now extremely rare.

The yellow one is an absolute cracker, sad to think a few years ago people were breaking them just for hubs/axle assemblies for Manta 400 reps!


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10 hours ago, opelnz said:

Lovely looking car, Mark. If I hadn't already got one, I would have bought that from you! Hear it has sold to Ireland? :(


Why the sad face? She is 'coming home' - first registered and 'lived' in Ireland for many years. Great looking car! :)

Hopefully the buyer can get the original registration number re-instated!

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