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New member and new manta project

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Hi iv just bought a manta as a project. The car is a white manta gte coupe, the car is very rotten. I joined today as i am hopeing some of you can help me with advise and places where i can purchase parts to help me with my build. When iget chance i will upload some photos of the car. Cheers kyle.

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Retropower has a good selection of replacement panels from floorpans, front jacking points, chassis rails, sills, wheel arch repair panels and more it would be worth talking to them. The for sale section on this site has a good offering of spares, I've purchased a lot from other members on here and find them very helpful and easy to deal with, it's always a good idea when you know the part your after to use the wanted section. E bay is also very good.

all the best with your project.

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imageproxy.php?img=&key=a8deff53074b9296imageproxy.php?img=&key=a8deff53074b9296I had to borrow from another member a jig to keep the front trailing arm bolt holes in the right place when I replaced the swan necks, these parts I had to fabricate myself as I could not find a supplier selling these. I used 3mm steel for the inner sections, cut them out in one section so I ended up with 4 parts, two for each side, and salvaged the little crush pipe inside for the bolt from the old ones then used 1mm steel for the outer covers it took a lot of prep and a while to complete but the end job was worth it.imageproxy.php?img=&key=a8deff53074b9296







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