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My first Ascona ... 1977 2 door


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Hi There


Just got my first Ascona B 2 door 1977. Always wanted a manta or ascona, there are loads over here..


Goint to be my project...Needs some welding lol.

Seems have either an 1.8 or 2.0 ohc engine. It' has injection.

Car is lhd hand drive and has an issue with accelerator not springing back. Would anyone be able to tell me what cable I can use? Think it' the throttle cable that's causing the issue, throttle pedal spring is ok but cable is sticking in the cable sheet, also looks a bit long.injector is on the lhs as you look at engine.

Any help would be great.



Ps.. live in finland but I am english..

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Well finally going to start my Ascona 400 build.


I want to use 16v XE but need advice on the wiring. The wiring in the Ascona is very old so may need a new loom

Are there any companies who can make a new wiring loom? Also how does the XE connect together with the Car? I'm looking at the 225 kit from SBD

Is it a matter of connecting the new ecu to the harness..

Im a body man so the electrical side is a bit daunting 

I will put some pics up asap


Any advice would be great









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Looks like you could have a mk1 astra gte, or maybe 2.0 ohc engine, carlton, calibra 2.0 engine.

You have correct gearbox, and wiring is correct, starter same side, alternator, etc etc

Your conversion for xe will be as easy as fitting a xe to a 1.8 manta. 

Maybe you could tidy existing wiring up. xe engine running original injection will contain its own injection loom, therefore its only a few wires, not difficult.

Converted a 1.8 manta to xe, a few wires, a little easier to use a 2.0 injection manta loom but you have to switch alternator and starter to opposite side. 

Anyway, welcome to the forum, maybe join! Alot of helpful knowledgeable people here who really know their stuff.

Good luck with your project! 


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Thanks for the info. I think it is the 1800 engine. Be removing it soon as i strip the car to do all of the shell work.

Have joined the club today so should be a proper member when it all goes through.

Everyone seems so knowledgeable here after spending years in the vw seen. Got boarded of all the haters lol. 

I respect everones approach to the cars they love as it's a personal expression. Looking forward to speaking to more of the chaps on here over time.





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Good choice on joining, some very helpful folks on here.

Nice base to start from, original 2 dr asconas are very rare, most 400 replica asconas are made from original vauxhall cavaliers with front removed in uk.

Guess opel asconas are rare, 2 doors even rarer!

Whats your kit? Not too hot on info for asconas, looks like an early group 4 rally ascona.

Welcome, enjoy, post a project thread and ask plenty of questions in you need too. 

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Hi Simon. I have MBE from SBD in two of my cars and connecting it to the car is very simple. That 225 kit uses throttle bodies and its own engine wiring loom which connects to your car's wiring with the following;

ignition live ( fed from small black wire to coil )

 A wire out to your fuel pump relay ( signal to relay ) ,

a signal wire to your rev counter ( small green wire on coil ) 

Then an earth. The rest of your car's other wiring for oil pressure, coolant temp, starter, alternator etc is near enough the same. 

I don't know if lhd exhaust Manifolds are available over there as the rhd ones over here catch lhd steering columns so have to be chopped about a bit. I also kept the clutch fork sticking out of the rhd side of the gearbox and had a longer clutch cable made. I sent my old one to Speedy Cables in Wales, telling them I needed one the same but a fair bit longer. This was cheap too.


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Hi Luke

Thanks that's some great advice. Seems a bit clearer in my mind now


Just starting the strip down of the shell to do all of the welding. And adding roll cage. Will start a project thread this week.



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