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Starter motor part number


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Frustratingly in replacing the original engine back into my manta we cannot locate the starter motor and after a part number of the correct starter motor for a 2.0 litre exclusive 1988. All these 2.0 litres seem to be the same starter motor. Got one off ebay and it was a 1.8 one so had to return it. Any help please? 

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pretty much any starter motor for the cam-in-head range of engines will fit.this will be all cavalier mk1's and early mantas .1.6,1.9,2.0.also carlton mk1's 2.0,2.2.and for a bit more torque you could fit one from a 6 cylinder variant. senator,royale,monza.all basic same design,later engines with electronic ignition just dont use the extra 12v out spade on the solenoid.

obviously as you have found out not the 1.8 ,this is a totally different design of engine completely.

ebay should have plenty of what you need or a member on here.

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Loads of part numbers here:


This is the later, uprated Frontera 2.4 Starter. Much lighter and way stronger. I think the more affordable alternatives are rebuilds

Or here for the 88 more specifically.



I've bought from spareto before, but you might not be willing to wait that long for dispatch, but it's otherwise an extremely useful site for part numbers and alternatives

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