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Brake equaliser


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Now managed to rebuild the brake system on my 79 2.0s 

However I noticed that there is some sort of valve or fitting tapped into the body of the equalisation valve on the bulkhead side .Its a bit like a recessed hex fitting with what resembled a valve stem partially sticking out .

i wiped out all the grime to notice a rubber seal that had disintegrated .

Please  tell me this is not a moving part that now needs a rebuild or alternatively will lead to brake failure .

I have left the brake pressed on for a while and the calipers and drums lock off ok and release when you depress the pedal . None of the new unions leak so all is good .

However is there going to be a problem with the brake equaliser and this rubber seal .

Is it a moving part and do I need a new seal that probably isn’t available ? 

Anybody know the answer ? 


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