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Wheel brake cylinders 79 2.0s Coupe


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Hi yet again 

So as before I changed all the Brake pipes , solid and rubber and had the calipers rebuilt .Not a single problem except the two M10 pipe connections on the new wheel cylinders leaked .Fitted replacement pipes and fittings off the guy on eBay . Nice bloke and quality work . 

Now they are weeping again ! Im thinking it’s the seating in the wheel cylinders as every pipe fitting looked good and and all the rest are perfect with no leaks .

Im therefore going to replace the cylinders and fit a third set of rear pipes .

My original cylinders were quite chunky with a heavy casting and the replacement ones from Autodoc were slimmer in design .

To avoid more problems does anybody know what make of cylinders I should be buying that match the more bulky design of the originals . I’m thinking I was just sold a duff set of cheap rubbish and as usual Autodoc are not at all helpful .

If I can fix the brakes the next job is painting the car in and out as Epoxy grey is starting to look permanent because of hold ups with dodger parts .

All your previous help has been great 

Thanks  guys 




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hi. the usual aftermarket cylinders are slimmer in design casing wise but so long as theyre 19mm bore thats ok. never had a problem with leakage from the pipe nuts but obviously just make sure theyre made to the correct flare end otherwise that may be your issue .just checked my spares stock for you and all are a concave double flare 

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