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Sidedaught carb


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28 minutes ago, rutts said:

Pity you can't really get out with covid situation. Bet you are chomping at the bit to get out for a real test drive. 

Probably hitting the change over point from idle jet to main jet progression. Did you have performance dellorto or one of the prefix lettered versions. Always stayed away from the prefix ones can be difficult to jet for modified cams and ignition systems. 

Mine is not too bad from idle till it gets on main jets doesnt usually live under 4k when out and about. Does come in strong at 4k rpm due to cam profile and pulls to 7k but it gets a bit loud😂 

One place you will definatly do ok is economy . Usually I get 10 to 15 miles to gallon with lively driving but not really a road car as such. 

It was a long time ago now, so i cant remember which ones they were. I didn't run a wild cam for that reason as a mate had a B with a 2.3 and wild cam and that was similar to yours, nothing much below 4k and then all hell broke loose right up to the the redline!! It was not and easy car to drive unless you were flat out most of the time and didn't want mine to be like that so went for a more relaxed power band. I think you were right it was the switch of to main jets was where the flat spot occurred.

One nice thing about the 2.4 with throttle bodies on is you can trundle about at low revs in a lower gear no problem and then when you stamp on the pedal it just pulls, where as the carbs you had to be in the right gear and wind it up. Its annoying to drive at the moment as i need to take it easy to run it in so i have to be a little restrained and be gentle with the loud pedal. Just a few hundred more miles to go and then i can open it up and see what it will do! Maybe i can toddle about in lockdown and get it ready for the spring and maybe a small outing 🙂 

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