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Engine build choice(2.0/2.4)


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Hello again. I'm in the process of restoring my 1.6s stock manta and I'm looking to bump up the power. I read a lot on this and other forums about various engine builds. I,m going to put the getrag 240 5 speed box in and the manta 2.0 rear axle. I don't know which route to take. I was reading here that you can bore out a 1.9 to 2 liters and use forged pistons and rods with the 1.6 crankshaft, and all that paired with the 2.0 head with 1.6 lifters, bored for better airflow and a cam(I read that the enem y12 cam is a good choice). All that paired with weber carbs and bigger valves should take me to 170 180 horsepower. So my questions with the 2.0 build are: what pistons and cranks to use? I'd like to buy maybe a forged set of pistons and rods. I know that there are a lot of options, but also I read on some forums that, because the differenet way that forged pistons react to heat than cast pistons, people had blown their engines. Has anyone been running a similar setup? What brand of pistons, rods and bottom end bearing can you recommend? On the other hand the 2.4 seems really good because I can get a lot more power out of it but I couldn't find much information. I've seen that people put 2.0 heads on them. I can assume maybe for stronger compression ratio or better flow. I also don't know what cam to use here. I have a same question here as earlier. What are good pistons, rods and bottom end bearings? I've seen a brand 'wossner' come up a lot, are thay good? In general I want to know how reliable both these builds are and maybe a little general advice on some things people overlook building these engines, if there are any threads I overlooked feel free to send me a link especially for the 2.4. Thanks for the replys in advance! 

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They use the 2.0 head on the 2.4 for simplicity of mounting carbs etc. the ports sit far higher on the std. 2.4 head so injection unit is too high for bonnet. , but if you car is LHD then you don’t have the problem we do with RHD cars as it gets all bit tight for space with carbs, brake cylinder, down pipes. 
There are 2.4 head Twin DCOE manifolds available out there, and if you have the option - going a full 2.4 engine as your starting point for power is the right path. 

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