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Isle of Man - Manta GTE Exclusive

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Got my first Manta and joined the OMOC back in 2007. Had two and sold them leaving my wanting another one. Fortunately I was in position I could again get one. A few weeks ago I collected a GTE Exclusive from Scotland. Unfortunately I can’t drive it around until it’s been through the Vehicle Test Centre which will fail cars from the UK for the most minor faults. In saying that, once passed the car will never be tested again, no MOT’s over here. It does require a full respray and some welding. Luckily the underside has been fully welded so it’s the body that needs the attention. I can’t wait to get the car sorted, it gets so much attention, even when parked up. It so good to have a Manta coupe again, looking forward to chatting to club members again for all of the hints, tips and expertise. 


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Looks like you found a good clean example. The pin striping is not to my taste - it looks like a large panel gap. Are you going drive it and enjoy it for a while before starting the work or will it be a rolling restoration giving you a nice balance of driving enjoyment and rust frustration?

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Thanks Jonathan, I’m going to get the body all sorted asap. Mechanically I will need all of the bushes replaced so will be looking to find out where I can get them. In between getting this done I will drive it. I also plan to get the engine rebuilt, get it back to full power again. At some point it would be good to meet up at Manta show. 

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