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5 Speed gearbox refresh

green diamond

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Its a long time since ive had one to bits and parts were a bit more available then but now struggling with synchro rings, 1st have one part number, 2nd have another part number 3rd/4th/5th & reverse are the same, can anyone remember if they are all the same size and just the material is different which is how I seem to remember it? ive plenty of 2nd gear ones but no 1st and only a few 3/4/5&rev


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2 hours ago, green diamond said:

Thats interesting Andy, thanks for that, looks like BMW use the same synchro rings throughout

Wonder if I can use my excess of 2nd gear synchros in all the positions, cant see why not

No problem. I used it for reference when i rebuilt mine many years ago. Luckily all my gears were ok and it was only bearings and a few other bit i needed to replace but handy to see how it all fits before you pull it apart 🙂

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