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My '79 manta b


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Bought her for 500 euros at age 14 i. She was left to rot for 5 more years due to no time.

I had to get her to a functional state due to the laws in my country. Its not my car until the moment i register her. Shes assembled and in a working order now. Ill tear her apart once again after she gets registered. 

The work i did was done right, i just have to do all the other parts. 


Looks like i pulled her out of the bottom of an ocean, i say shes worth it. 

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Posted (edited)

Plan to remove all of the rust, weld all holes, weld up front chasis. By then ill look into what the weak spots are for the manta, fabricate pieces to strengthen her, weld those. Fix all the bodywork (panel beating, getting the car in line). 

Sandblast the floor to cover it in antirost plus epoxy primer. 

Remove and disassemble all of the suspension, find fitting polyurethane bushings for everything. Clean and paint all of the suspension pieces. 

Then i can think of painting the whole body. 

For the interior i only need 2 front recaro seats, the rear sears are comfy as hell and i dont care about having them be recaro. Everything else will be "upholstered". 

The engine is knocking, aside from that oil pressure and engine compression is good so ill tear it apart and fix whats wrong(probably crank bearings or piston pin) . No full rebuild yet. Too costly and i wanna drive her a bit before i do an engine rebuild. 

Im gonna change all of the brake lines, fit disc brakes in the rear. Find what the best (affordable) brake setup there is for her. Upgrade suspension. 




Plan to drive her for the next 50 years ! Helps that my dads manta is in excellent condition so i can drive her and look at her if i need a refference point. 

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