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VWU390X hazel bronze belinetta ?

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Anyone seen my old pride & joy that i restored & owned for 10 years,was forced to part with it,i knew every nut & bolt on that car.A hazel bronze metalic berlinetta coupe,it picked up some trophies in the late 90s ????????


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Hi Alister

I own VWU 390X Its garaged and awaiting my relocation to enjoy it. bought it 3.5 yrs ago not been on road since. It is in good nick however even at time of buying n/s chassis rail bulging/cracking so will have to get sorted. Can you tell me if you waxoiled/dinitrol'ed the internal chassis box sections and panels when you rebuilt it? Any info would be appreciated (I have your receipt file)



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Hi Alan,well what can i say,i knew every inch of that car at one time,had it down to every last nut & bolt,the last time i waxoiled it was in 1992 !!! i made several repairs to the body including near side rail,all in galvanised steel.It was the best of its type,it could possibly be the last hazel bronze metalic manta left in uk ? every spare i could buy at the time for it was bought new from vauxhall,i could sit here all night & talk 390X,i dont know what hurt more,the wife leaving or having to sell the car to pay her out !!! i once drove it 760 miles all in one day !!!

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Hi Alan, if you'd be so kind, please could you let me have the details of your car so I can add them to the B Series Register which I'm just getting up and running for the club.

I need the registration (okay, I've got that already!) and date of registration, chassis and engine numbers, colour and some contact details for you.

You can send them via my username.

Please note that they then go into a card index and don't get kept on the PC, so there's no risk of someone hacking in and pinching them.

Thanks very much.



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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