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Pass me the gun's Exclusive


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Look what I bought today!


It's been in a garage since 1996, its got 88000 miles on the clock, the sunroof is showing no signs of rust and the chassis rails look pretty solid. It's got some surface rust on the lower quarters at the bumper holes, the spare wheel well is pretty crusty. Apart from that I'm gonna give it a service and sort out the brakes and hopefully get it back on the road!

Phone pics are a bit crap, sorry!





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Congrats kiddo.

Fancy a convoy of Manta`s to escort you to the alter my son ??? Deffo get your pics in the local rag, but how would your other half feel about it ??? Best ask first,

Cheers, Colin.

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Colin, my special lady seems surprisingly up for it! I'm just worried about me getting out of the 400r with a kilt on. I dinnae want to scrape the boaby on the rollcage if you know what I mean!

Congrats nicgm! any manta would be a good wedding car IMO!

Andy, i'm probably more likely to throw the housekeys or even the bride! (i'm only kidding if you're reading this honey )

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Ok, so, I took it for an MOT t'other day after replacing the knackered exhaust with the ashley one off of the 400r and guess what...IT FAILED!

All that it failed on was:

pretty much all of the brake lines

Bad earth on n/s/r indicator

Horn inoperable

Washer fluid not present

1 rear tyre below limit

The sump seems to have gone a bit porous too.

All of the above has now been fixed bar the sump but it's gonna get nicked aff the 400r aswell (I'm feeling a bit sorry for it at the mo but it is destined for greater things)

Today I and a couple of mates started prepping the rusty bodywork for a bit of a touch up in time for my wedding.




a bit of progress I suppose

p.s. Anyone know what the paint code for opel white is?


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hi,i own the same exc as you,the colour code is under the bonnet on the n/side,called cassablanca white/ glacier white,we done the prep on ours then blew the repairs in with base coat and laquer,in my own workshop then refurbed the wheels,wasnt happy with the finish dust in the paint etc,so i decided to bite the bullet took her to a local professional paint shop(j.watts)in south wales,its a proper job now in 2 pack the whole car cost me 800 quid,needs rebuilding and wax oilin will post picks soon,good luck with yours my opinion is they look best in white,way way back i owned carmine red gte exc coupe E680 WVR,all the best

steve code is E 474

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