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Buying Manta - Engine question?


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Hi, haven't been here for a while... but I'm still looking for a manta to buy.

I found one which looks OK (except for the paint, i mean, the color of it )


It is 1980. Manta B model. It's got everything I want on manta (GT/E skirts and bumper, Engelmann mirrors...) The owner claims that the body is mint, and the interior and engine also. Only thing that concerns me is that he said that the engine has 115 HP. I don recall that these engines were fitted in manta (110HP only), so I need some advice how can I identify the engine by the looks of it?

Thank you guys, I am really excited because if everything is right, I'll go and buy it in wednesday

Wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from Croatia!

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If it's 1980 it will should have a CIH engine. Judging by the photo it has a 4 slot nose, so if it hasn't been changed it the car may be later than '80.

Not sure about original bhp, but someone will know and post soon. If it's the car for you I wouldn't let 5 bhp put you off!

I have to agree, the paint job wouldn't be my cup of tea!

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OK, I'll take that anorak challenge...

If it's a Cam-In-Head engine then:

- If it's on a carb it will be 100bhp

- If it's on injection it will be 110bhp

If the car's really a 1980 then it should be on a carb, but the swap to injection isn't hard so it may have been converted.

Either way, go for it! Tuning these engines isn't hard so if you find you need more power it's something that can be sorted.



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the 115bhp is the standard output of the 2.2 engine which could have been fitted by someone.identifiable by 22e beginning of engine number & p22 on side of cylinder head.obviously the 2 litre engine could have been `tuned`to give more power but would probably not be done to just gain 5hp!.the 2.2 engine also uses a different inlet manifold without a fifth injector when in `std` spec.

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What wasn't? , clonking from the clutch area, interior cracked, door panels devastated by crap speaker instalation, on braking whole car went right...

... the car was a mess. I'd buy it for a 500€, just because I know it wasn't ever in a accidend, it had nice ATS wheels, and the bumpers, skirts and rear view mirrors were good. For 1500€, I just turned and walked away

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