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Spontaneous rear wiper


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I've got an annoying problem in that my rear wiper rarely stops!

The motor and switch is fine but the blue wire (used to start the wiper) has around 10 volts even with the motor and switch unplugged.

Where does the wire go between the switch and motor? The Haynes manual shows it's a direct wire...

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I presume were talking about a manta hatch?? if so look behind the trim panel in the boot behind the nearside rear light there is a grey timer relay which can get wet, easy to replace just unplug and fit new if you can get one or secondhand. other place to look is for broken wires in the rubber gaiter near the hatch top hinges,

hope this helps


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Well with the problem wire unplugged and just the permanent live connected to the motor, it parks and stays parked perfectly so I don't think it's a motor problem. The relay certainly sounds promising, I shall have a poke! You are correct in that it's a hatch, interesting that Haynes makes no mention of this in the wiring diagram for it though!

Hmm early auto rain sensors! Would this add value to my car then? I'm curious that perhaps they have been upgraded to the version that not only senses rain, but when it's still dry will switch on because they can also predict the future...

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