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Opel Monza Master Cylinder Repair Kit


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Hi Yellow,checked at work today mate,but i think your going to really struggle.Tbh,i can't find a listing for a repair kit anywhere.I have found part numbers for the cylinder itself (ATE)

1978 - 7/83; 03.2123.8002.3

8/83 - 84; 03.2123.9802.3

There is another option open to you though,there a a few firms who will remanufacture your original unit,basically this involves putting a steel tube into your existing unit,with new seals and piston/s etc.One such place is PASTS PARTS,they may even have a new cylinder for you.I don't have their number to hand,but if you can't find it,just send me a pm or email and i'll dig it out for you bud,cheers,Paul.

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Hi Yellow,here goes then mate.I'm affraid these are no longer available,but if you a least have the numbers you can ask the question and keep an eye on fleabay.There are NO repair kits listed.The following part numbers are ATE.

CARLTON,non ABS 10/82 - 1985 } 03.2122.8902.3

CARLTON,non ABS 9/85 - 1986 } 03.2122.9902.3

CARLTON,with ABS 84 - 1986 } 03.2122.9002.3

As i said earlier,if you do get totally stuck,try PAST PARTS,if you do need me to dig the number out for you,just give me a kick mate,cheers for now and good luck ;)

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