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Irmsher *copy* Wheels 19"

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Have'nt been on here for a while and it appears there is no General section anymore for unpaid members :unsure: so this section will have to do :P

HDT Australia in conjunction with Peter Brock produced some Commodores in the early 80's that ran Irmscher wheels similar to what some Mantas and other Opels ran, they were 14" or 15" from memory.

Well, HDT has been reborn in Australia and the are doing some retro HDT looking Commodores based on the latest VE Commodore models sold here (your Vauxhall VXR8 or something?) and they have produced some great looking Irmsher wheel copies in 19" which I though may be of interest to some of you guys as a lot of people are now reto fitting them to the earlier model Commodores with (what I reckon) are great results.

Like this: SA57L10LVAFBMZ7A_medium.jpg to This: 1e55_1.JPG

You can check out the latest HDT Retro Commodores here: http://www.hdt.com.au/retro_vc_sedan.htm and here: http://www.hdt.com.au/retro_vh_sedan.htm

Anyway the wheels are for sale on Ebay here:


Here they are Photoshopped (not very well!) onto a Monza with the HDT theme which was something I was considering doing as there is a few Monzas floating around over here.....but no Mantas sadly :angry:


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Yes the 400 reps would sell well here! These original irmscher jobbies have turned up a few times on ebay but I don't think they sell easily or for much despite the rarity, not quite so fashionable anymore, people want some spokes and a bit of caliper showing I think. Still it's very nice to see someone's gone to the bother of making what's a very good copy of a classic wheel, only made to a size that isn't embarrassing to show to under 50's, put these on a manta though and your classed as modified <_<

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