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Cih Question?


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Hi i have got a 1985 GT/E (injection) and the engine has sized i have been offered a 2.0 out of a Manta B (carb) it looks identical but will my injection manifold/exhaust manifold fit on to this engine???

Also will all the internal components be the same as mine????

Or shall i keep looking for a later engine????

Comments welcome, Thanks Paul

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Your injection inlet manifold and exhaust manifold will fit fine.

From memory I think the thermostat housing is different on an injection engine but just use the one off your old engine. Also you will need to either leave the mechanical fuel pump on the carb engine of fit a blanking plate.

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I believe the injection ( E ) engine was of a higher compression ?

also check the cylinder head of the carb'd engine .

It's more than likely to be an ''non un-leaded'' head .. = fuel additives . :(

Check for the ' P 2 ' stamp between 2 & 3 pot " Which means its an un-leaded engine "

Note ....

I once put carbs on an injection CIH and found with the higher

compression I got a little more Ooommph out of her .....:-)

Im unsure how this would work the tother way round ???

Hope this is of some help ... ;)

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There is also a water pipe difference between the two engines, the injected engine has a water outlet down the rear of the block near the oil pressure sender which connects with the heater. On a carb engine the heater pipes both go alongside the cam cover to the thermostat housing.

Also after having untold amounts of S**t with a certain yellow Cavalier i've come to the conclusion that the cam i got for it was a GTE injection cam which wont work with a carb, so there might also be a problem the other way around, a carb cam running with injection.

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