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Please Help :) Upset With Axle Fitting


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Hey everyone,

I have just picked up a Manta A axle to fit into my chevette. I was told it was a bolt in swap but unfortunately its not :(

The problem is the fitting on the torque tube which bolts to the prop. The fitting on the Manta axle I have got is different to the chevette.

Are there different fittings available?

Or will I need to get the rear section of the Manta prop and make a cut and shut prop?

thanks alot



If anyone has any pictures of a complete Manta prop please post them up as If the manta prop fits directly to my carlton box that would also be great. Cheers

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You might be better asking on www.chevettes.com forum.

I think it's probably a bolt in swap if you had a CIH engined Kadett which would have been set up for 1600 / 1900 / 2000 engines and boxes.

Thanks for your reply, I have found out I need to make a custom prop so just going to pick up a Manta prop now. cheers anyway

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Many people think that the A series bolt s straight up, but it doesn't, you will also need to make new adaptor mounts for the anti rollbar if you want to use it.

Here's a couple of pics you might find handy. I fitted the chevette torque tube mount onto the Manta torque tube, then, as you say, you need a Manta prop to shorten.



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