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Oil Pump / Timing Cover

steely dan

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Just rebuilt our rally car engine with bored and sleeved block ,new Mahle pistons ,bearings etc,and refaced big valve head with new valves . Have put together oil pump gears and face plate from best parts from 5 engines we have but am unhappy with the tolerances of the pump .

Would like a new timing case cover with oil pump complete but so far have not tracked one down.

Any body have any suggestions where to try? Must be new .

Dr manta has nothing listed.


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Thanks for the replies lads , had an interesting and very helpful PM from Manta400 on site and am awaiting reply from Risse Motorsport .Will update you when I hear from them.


Just a quick note, oil pumps are defo no longer made (spoke to KAR about this 2/3 months ago), could possibly get from Risse but if your thinking of the 30% uprated pump with the longer gears be aware that they can cause excessive wear on the front cover due to the extra length of the gears so i'm told.

Looking into doing a dry sump kit at the moment along so don't chuck your old front covers away, i might need a few to play with!!!!


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Seeing as manufacturers used to build LOADS of extra capacity into oil pumps (you know back in the day before everything was light, agile and just good enough) and because the most critical clearance in these pumps appears to be the end cover (especially if a gasket is used on one of the engines that shouldn't have it) what about trying a few agricultural steps such as:

  • Dismantle and skim the end cover

  • Skim a pair of rotors to the same height

  • Get the rotor housing decked to provide the normal end clearances (after all with gravity pulling the rotors down the end cover should take most of the wear)

If you have five worn sets lying around, barring if you have to pay for the skimming and your own time what have you to lose.

  • Oh yeah, new springs or washers behind the release valve spring to top it all off

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