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Slammed 1980 Mk1 Cavalier Show Winner


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Sadly the time has come to part with my 1980 MK1 Cavalier GL. The car has had an extensive professional restoration, and was awarded a trophy by the Cavalier and Chevette owners club for Best Cavalier at last year's Vauxhall Owners Show at Billing.

The car has just flown through its MOT with no issues whatsoever, so comes with a fresh 12months ticket; just in time for spring!

The restoration has included new wings, sills and arches. The car looks to have been a very solid example to start with as it has not had much welding at all apart from the above. The lights, bumpers and GL trim are all NOS and, as such, are in perfect condition. The whole car has been re-sprayed in original two-pack Burgundy including: under the bonnet, boot, engine bay and door shuts; it's a very, very nice job and cost the last owner £1500! The outside is finished off with a brand new vinyl roof which cost £750!

The interior is nothing less than immaculate. Fitted with perfect red velour seats with matching dash and door cards; It really looks like it's never been sat in, and is a lovely place to be when cruising around! To complement the interior a brand new, custom, white perforated (as was OEM) headliner has been fitted. The original radio is installed, but is not currently connected (I did plan on fitting a modern unit in the glove box out of site). The original GM over mats are also present. The clocks are showing just over 78k miles but are not the original ones. The original mileage is ~40k which is backed up by old MOTs.

The original 1600 unit has been replaced with a rebuilt 2000cc engine from an "s" spec car. As you can imagine it uses no oil or coolant and runs brilliantly. It has just had a full service including engine oil (with STP), filters tappets adjusted and the gear box and diff oil changed. The only small niggle it sometimes the auto-choke causes a little bubble at very low speeds; a common problem, but you can buy a manual choke conversion kit for £20 if you can't live with it (it's never really bothered me as it doesn't happen very often). The engine itself has been detailed and painted with the rocker cover and airbox sprayed in glossy two-pack. The engine has also had a new ignition system (ignition leads, dizzy cap, coil pack, earth straps etc.). I have removed the original water pump driven fan and replaced it with an electric unit which is operated via a hidden switch just below the dash. There is a new radiator, and all cooling and fuel pipes and hoses have been replaced. A custom twin-box stainless steel exhaust runs from the manifold back; it's a quiet as a factory pipe, but will last forever!

The gearbox and diff are silky smooth and whisper quiet. A new clutch was also fitted when the engine went in, so there are no issues there. The brake system has been thoroughly overhauled with all the components being either new or reconditioned.


The car is lowered roughly 120mm at the front using shortened ROC performance springs. The front sub-frame has been modified to allow full travel at this height so the car glides along with no crashing or banging – it drives like it's on standard suspension (but without all the body roll). The front dampers are brand new Austin Mini to allow for shorter stroke. This also means they are cheap and easy to upgrade to adjustables should you want to in the future.

The rear suspension is fitted with brand new GT Coupeline dampers and Mazda MX5 platform adjustable coil springs, making the rear height adjusted (this can be done in minutes).

The car is very low, so care is needed over speed humps as you would expect. But there is no rubbing, crashing or issues at all at this height; it's very usable!

The final addition is the wheels: BMW Mini banded steels in 15x8" front and 15x9" rear fitted with virtually brand new Nankang 185 and 195/45 tyres respectively. The wheels have been recently re-finished in gloss black. They hold air perfectly and are balanced with no issues whatsoever. They are professionally banded and cost a fortune!

The Cav is a real pleasure to drive and is more than happy to cruise on the motorway. The 2 liter engine has more than enough power to keep up with modern traffic and oodles of creamy torque for smooth in-gear acceleration. It also returns over 30mpg making it an ideal every-day usable classic!

The car will also come with original Rosstyle wheels which have been fully reconditioned and poweder coated with new chrome trim rings and centre caps. The tyres are also as new. I've added a picture of the car with these wheels fitted for reference.

Sorry for the long description, I know it's boring, but so much work and money has gone into it!
















The car is located in Tamworth, just a couple of mins from J10 of the M42.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch @ Racer_86@hotmail.com

Offers around £2900

(Though I would be prepared to sell for less on the Rosstyles, as I would quite like to keep the banded steels).



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