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Mint 1972 Viva. Tax Exempt.


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I'm thining out my collection of cars, the viva is now on the list, I have had it for 3 years and attended many shows with it gaining prizes but I just want to invest in one car rather than 5

The car was registered on the 28/11/72 in bristol. I have the bill of sale and the details about the 1968 anglia it was part exchanged for!

It spent most of its life in bristol and cornwall, it was taken up to Scotland 04/05/2005 by a viva entusiast.

It has covered 45000 miles, average of under 1200 miles a year!!

It is a 1256cc

I have two large folders full of information, bills, mots, sales brouchers, all the previous owners details from the mot etc etc etc.

I put it in for its mot on monday and it passed first time with no advisorys, the same as the previous 2 with me and I suspect many more before that.

I have only used it for shows, except twice when I took it for a run

It has the original floor mats, mud flaps and locking fuel cap, on the bill as being £3 each also the original keys.

Over the winter I replaced all the engine gaskets, the sump gasket was needing done, but I got a kit so I thought what the hell and did them all and it was serviced at the same time.

Its such a reliable old car and a joy to drive.

Never been welded and never will need to be.

It has never been restored or resprayed just well looked after, but over 38 years its picked up a wound, both back arches have been painted due to scrapes only and the driver wing has been painted, there is a couple of small rusty bits on the base of each front wing but nothing of any concern! just pointing it out.

Please excuse the pics with the prizes and auto glym, I took them to show auto glym what their products had helped me achieve, in the hope I might get a heap of freebies, no such luck but worth a try



















Plenty more pics if required lol :o

Mot 1 year and taxed for 11 months but its tax exempt any way.

£3000 fixed.

07746 896451 - half an hour from dundee, perth and forfar.

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cheers Rab!

Keith, That one was also taken up from england by the enthusiast that took mine up, he cant get enough of vivas! Its a slighty different shade of blue, its a later car around an R i think.

I have put the price up as everybody I have spoken to said its worth at least £1000 more, but as i have already got it for sale i will put it up by £500 to £3000 fixed.

Sorry for any inconvience but I have been made to realise it was silly cheap at £2500.

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