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Exclusive Hatchback Mot+Tax

Devil Fish

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NOT MINE, and I really don't know why the owner phoned me... maybe she has phoned others?

Anyway.. needs saving...

Monaco blue exclusive (2ltr) hatchback in need of a resto... but it does have mot and tax till October

Main points seem to be:

Its rusty (especially inner and outer wings)

the rad leaks

exhaust blowing

100+K miles (but apparently runs well apart from rad issues)

the petrol tank has been repaired

the front chassis has had repairs

wrong springs... its sitting too high

Interior in great shape

If you interested contact Carol on 01249 657 615 based in Chippenham, Wiltshire. She is only looking for a 'couple of hundred quid' for it.

No point contacting me about it as I don't know Carol or the car; she was pleasant to talk to though!

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Yep, should be picking it up on Saturday! Got a couple of spare rads so we'll drive it back. Think the plan for now is for my Dad to drive it to and from work until the tax runs out then see how bad it is.

So it won't be at Billing but I will be, can't afford to get the coupe there and back so I'll be grabbing a lift in the red Senator with Chris. Looking forward to it now!

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