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Picked her up from Chippenham on Sunday. She's rough as hell, sitting way too high on the wrong springs, the diff and gearbox are both very noisy and there's rust everywhere. On the bright side, still taxed and MOTd til the end of October so my Dad'll be driving it to work for the next couple of months at least. Interior's in need of a clean but not damaged at all.

Previous owner was a club member but not a forum user. We turned up, changed the radiator for a spare we had lying around and drove her 120 miles home with no problems at all.





Plan is to see how bad she really is before the tax and MOT run out then make a decision as to whether it'd be better restored or broken for parts. Still, over 35mpg on the way home, so it's gonna be a cheap runabout for the next couple of months!

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