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Help On Turbos Please


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Right guys, i no very little about turbos. I once had a Renault 5 GT which had a turbo, boost gauge and boost controller (big black knob you turned up or down to adjust boost)

I now have the C20 LET engine in my manta, but i have no boost gauge or adjustment so how do i know what boost its running? and can i / how do i adjust it?

I found someone had slipped a spacer in the re-circulator valve? Which meant it was running full boost all the time (not good) I have now removed this and fitted an atmospheric dump valve

Any advice would be good but please put it in laymens terms so i can make use of it, ha ha

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hi mate,,,,,fit a boost gauge first off,,,,,,,untill then you wont know where its at when your nailing it,,,,,,,,,,to adjust the boost you need to turn the the bolts on the boost actuator rod (which sits above the turbo)so that more thread will be showing toward the bulkhead,,,that will put the boost up and obviously the other way reduces it,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats why you need a boost gauge,,,,also another tip from me would be go and have a look at this website

www.max-boost.co.uk its an absolute fountain of info for your c20let,,,,,,,,anything your not sure of will be answered there,,,,great engines the c20let as long as you stay within the build spec limits,,,,cant wait to get mines run in and go scooby hunting,lol :lol:

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