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Electronic Ignition


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I fitted the Pertronix one on my 1900 A series, and on our old Cavvy Sportshatch 2.0. I assume you've got the Bosch dizzy. It was a piece of cake to fit and keeps the car looking standard. This kit is the same as the Aldon one, but cheaper (or at least it was when I got it).

I know you can fit the system from a GT/E but I've not done that.

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what are your thoughts on fitting an electronic ignition to an 1977 Manta B 1.9s and which one would you recomend to use.

My thoughts are why not keep it original ?. Points and condensor are cheap and easily replaced. Doing a "tune up" is quite rewarding and by converting to electronic ignition will take this away.

Just a thought,


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